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Top 10 best occasions to remove bad luck

Below are the top 10 occasions to remove bad luck. Remember that removing bad luck increases overall luck and is most important to success. (1) is the top most important. (2-3) are golden opportunities and once in a lifetime chance.
Also we always encourage parents to perform self cleansing should they have very young kids at home. This is to ensure that parents does not unintentionally pass negative energy that affects their children's potential.

(#10) Preparing for exams

(#9) As routine once every week

(#8) Before going to temple for blessings

(#7) Before major meetings, important interviews, on dates that you have strong intuition for 4D or Lottery or Gambling luck

(#6) Birthday, Anniversaries

(#5) Dates of worship (ie Birthdays of Gods)

(#4) Before starting a new job

This is about once in a lifetime occasion to benefit from overall good luck.
Below are the Golden Opportunities for Overall Good Luck. For the best results, start as early as possible such as during the preparation of the wedding.

This is the top most important. Make sure to purge and remove bad luck during any encounter of the top 10 bad situations.

(#1) Every time during any encounter that are unpleasant, refer to "Top 10 ways bad luck come". This is very important.

And finally a bonus since you have reached this point. Do you know that some hospitals and military installations are also performing smudging using White Sage to remove negative influence and make the environment positive for the patients?

Sage is also found in the following Official Catholic Approaches to Interreligious Services of Prayer.

Benefis Health System recognises the importance of smudging. Smudging is a ceremonial form of worship done individually or in a group setting that reinforces the bond between human beings and unseen powers. It is an important link between individual worship and community well-being and is also a way of giving thanks and centering oneself in the

Sage is also found in fengshui.?

Any finally, what is needed to be in the front of the billions of people in this world? Pure hardwork cannot make a person the top 20%. Many have started to take back control of their luck and make a difference. It is time to start young.